Starting Utility Service

Starting Service with City of Pilot Point

To begin service, submit an application along with a copy of the account holder’s government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license). You may submit this information in person at 102 East Main Street or online (see below for link) during application process.  

Connection Fee: 

New Service Connection - A Service Connection Fee (Connect Fee) shall be charged when the water meter is turned on for new service and the fee shall be paid prior to service being turned on as follows:

Residential:   $100 for 3/4 inches meter, $150 for 1 inch meter plus $50 for each additional inch over one (1) inch.

Residential Transfer (One Pilot Point address to another Pilot Point address): $40.00

Commercial, Industrial, Irrigation and Multi-Family: $150 for 3/4 inch meter, $200 for 1 inch meter plus $100 for each additional inch over one (1) inch.

Landlord:  $25 for Residential and $50 for Commercial

New Service Appointment Times:

While completing your application, if all documentation is complete prior to 3 pm we will be able to start services the same day. If after, it will be the following business day in which you will be required to be at the service address in order to have your services connected. Your presence is required during this time period to ensure that your home or place of business does not flood due to the water being connected.

If you are new to Pilot Point and you would like to initiate your utility services, please fill out the applicable form below

Residential Utility Application (click here)

Commercial Utility Application (click here)

Landlord Accounts

Landlords using water and sewer services to clean a Single Family Residence for rental, for no more than 14 days, the Service Connection Fee shall be twenty dollars. Landlords needing service for more than 14 days shall comply with New Service Connection requirements. Landlords may be asked to provide proof of ownership of the property, in order to establish a Landlord account.

Transferring Existing Services

If you already have services in your name and would like to transfer services from one address in Pilot Point to another address in Pilot Point a Transfer of Service fee of $40.00  shall be paid when the water service is transferred.