Managing Utility Account during COVID-19

In an abundance of caution and to protect the health and safety of our citizens and staff, the city is implementing safety measures related to helping minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus.  The City of Pilot Point will temporarily be closing all City facilities to the public effective Thursday, March 19th.   City employees will still be working. We will strive to continue providing excellent customer service electronically and by phone.  If you have any questions about how to pay your utility account do not hesitate to reach out to the Utility Billing clerk by email Bills are due on the 5th of the month. Late penalties are assessed on the 6th of the month. 


Utility payments will not be accepted inside City Hall.  There is a drop box on the northwest side of City Hall off of Jefferson St.  We urge residents not to make cash payments by drop box.  Please make payment using check or money order.  Include with your check or money order the payment coupon from the billing statement you received.  If payment coupon is not available it is required that you also include your name and address.


Online payments will continue to function as they always have. You will need a copy of your original bill (it will be Green, not Red). In the upper right corner of your statement you will find your account number and pin number. Once you have your bill in hand follow these steps.  There is a quick link from the home page for "Online Payments".  Following that link will bring you to a second page where you will follow the link for "Pay Water Bill".  This will take you to the "Pay Water Bill" page that lists your options for payment.  You will see the word ONLINE  underlined, click on it. You will be routed to the "Online Account Login" page.  There you will see a box on the left side of screen that has a hammer and wrench forming an "X" and the words "how to..." On this page is a Table of Contents for a help document outlining the options you have for managing your account. To login for payment enter your utility account number.  Utility Account Numbers are divided into 3 sections by  hyphens.  Enter each set of numbers into the appropriate field.  Now go down to the Password/Pin field and enter your Pin number. When submitted you will see your account information.  Verify that the information that you are seeing is yours and accurate.  Hover over the blue button "Action to Perform". Choose from the drop down menu the action you wish to preform.