Your Guide to Special Events on the Square

ChromeFest 2020 courtesy Broken Trail Productions (20)

We now have a permit process for anyone wishing to hold a temporary event, gathering, or organized activity that plans to attract more than 100 attendees and also do one of the following:

  • Closing of a public street
  • Blocking or restriction of public property, including public rights-of-way
  • Sale of merchandise, food, or beverages on public property
    Sale of alcoholic beverages on public or private property where otherwise prohibited
  • Erection of a tent or canopy on public property
  • Installation of a stage, band shell, trailer, van, portable building, grandstand or bleachers on public property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance
  • Placement of temporary informational signs including, but not limited to: no-parking, directional, identification or special event signs or banners in or over a public right-of-way or on private property where otherwise prohibited by ordinance

Our two main locations for large-scale public festivals are the Historic Downtown Square and Groff Park.

We are no longer accepting Festival Proposals for 2024.

We're committed to helping you navigate the new special event permit application process and developed the Special Event Guide to assist you with planning your event, from requirements from the city such as insurance, traffic mitigation, public safety and marketing plans, to event rentals, TABC requirements and more.

  1. Wendy Haun

    Main Street Director / Social Media Manager

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