Apply for an Alarm Permit

City of Pilot Point Ordinance Sec. 4.04.0011 requires a permit for installing, operating or causing to operate alarm systems within the City Limits. Each permit application must contain the name, address, and telephone number of the person who is responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of the alarm system and payment of fees or charges levied under this article. Each permit application shall also include a floor plan of the building, structure, residence or business where the alarm system will be located. For an alarm permit for a nonresidential premises, the permit application shall contain the names and phone numbers (home and business) of two (2) people that when notified by the police or fire department(s) will come to the alarm site within thirty (30) minutes, if requested, to terminate the alarm signal and secure the property. Application for a permit under the provisions of this article constitutes a grant of approval to the city to deactivate an alarm system that sounds an alarm signal for longer than thirty (30) minutes after being notified.

The form can be filled out and turned in by downloading this application and returning in person to City Hall or by submitting the below secure, encrypted form.

Alarm Permit Application

  1. Permit Holder / Responsible Party Contact
  2. Are there the following on-premises:
  3. Was the alarm owner trained on the operation of alarm at time of installation?*
  4. Alarm Is:*

    (check all that apply)

  5. Type of Alarm*
  6. Check all features that apply
  7. Police will be notified by*
  8. Alarm / Monitoring Company
  9. Contact Persons

    (Must have access to premieses and alarm and be within 30 minutes maximum response time. List 3 contacts)

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