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Bloomfield Schoolhouse

The Bloomfield School was originally built in 1880 in the town of Bloomfield, located 5 miles northwest of Pilot Point, in Cooke County. The school had two buildings, one on either side of the small town. Bloomfield School quickly became the center of educational, religious, and community activities for the population.

In 1993, the Bloomfield Schoolhouse was gifted to the City of Pilot Point, in hopes that the building could be fully restored and moved closer to its original location. In 1996, the Bloomfield Schoolhouse was moved one final time to its current location on Pilot Point’s historic square, in between the Pilot Point Library and the Chamber of Commerce. Pilot Point’s new Main Street History Committee took up the schoolhouse project, and after two years of restorations, opened it in 2004 as a Historic Living Schoolhouse.