Public Works


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Public Works is comprised of 6 divisions:

  • Administration
  • Equipment Services
  • Solid Waste
  • Street Maintenance
  • Utility Customer Service
  • Water and Wastewater


Public Works provides the following services:

  • Handles maintenance of city vehicles and equipment
  • Maintains a safe, adequate, and reliable supply of water
  • Oversees solid waste collection
  • Performs preventive maintenance to the infrastructure
  • Supplies wastewater, streets, drainage, and traffic control services

Work Zones

The City’s Public Works employees set up work zones in compliance with the latest Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices by using barricades, cones and flaggers as necessary. Drivers should slow down when approaching a work zone and follow the signs and/or flagger’s directions in order to safely make their way through the construction area.

Damage to City Property

When it comes to negligent damages, or digging without notifying out city, the following hourly rates will be applied for damages. Each time the City has to pull our crews off a scheduled job, it is an inconvenience for our citizens. They pay for the service, and this is why we must hold negligence accountable. 

  • Employee rates - Double Overtime +25%
  • Vac-Tron - $150 per hour
  • Tractor - $150 per hour
  • Dump Truck - $100 per hour
  • Materials reimbursement accordingly per incident
  • Water loss will be reimbursed to the city in full
  • Personal property damages that may need to be repaired for citizens property

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