City Facility Rentals

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DYK the City has many facilities you are able to rent for your special events, private parties and more?

We now have a permit process for anyone wishing to hold a temporary event, gathering, or organized activity that would do one of the following:

  • Closing or impacting a public street or sidewalk
  • Renting a city-owned property
  • Sale or distribution of merchandise, food or beverages on a city-owned property
  • Placement of portable toilets or additional waste containers on city-owned property
  • Having an impact on public safety

Rental Facilities

Groff Park (1514 N Washington St)

Baseball Fields - available for both practice rentals and tournament rentals

Tennis & Pickleball Courts - Free for leisure users, available for tournament rentals

Pilot Point Community Center (310 S Washington St)

The Community Center is available for rental for an indoor space for birthday parties, family reunions and more! Rentals are minimum of 4 hours or available all day.

Community Center rental hours are 7 am - 10 pm.

Old City Park Pavilion (130 E Division St)

Rent the City Park Pavilion for your birthday party! Rentals are a minimum of 4 hours.

City Park rental hours are 8 am - 10 pm.

Gazebo on the Square (55 S Washington St)

Host your event at the Gazebo on the Square! Come to the heart of downtown for your private event. Rentals for the entire Square are available and at the discretion of Pilot Point City Council.

Event Permit requests involving street closures should be submitted no later than (45) days in advance. Event Permit requests for entire Square closure should be submitted no later than (90) days in advance.

The Special Event shall be operated and supervised to the satisfaction of the City. Should your event serve alcohol, there will need to be a security detail present at your event. The Pilot Point Police Department has a program to hire off-duty police officers to provide security support at your event. Officers can be hired for $65 per hour with a minimum time commitment of 4 hours.

See full event permit and event regulations here


Groff Park / Old City Park / Community Center inquiriesEvent Permit / Gazebo on the Square inquiries
Jason Poncio, Parks Superintendent
Wendy Haun, Main Street Director