Visit Bloomfield Schoolhouse Program Form



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Program Outline

Students will spend the day as if they were a pioneer boy or girl attending Bloomfield school in the year 1898.  The program includes ciphering matches, spelling bees and games played in that era.  Pioneer life and one-room school experiences are discussed.  


The program is designed for 4th grade students but can be changed for students in 1st through 6th grade if the Bloomfield teacher is given the number of students in each grade in advance of the visit.  


Students are encouraged to wear clothing that would be appropriate in 1898. 

Girls: no shorts, short skirts or spaghetti-strap tops

Boys: no caps, t-shirts or camouflage.

Students are welcome to wear the shoes that they usually wear to school as long as they are comfortable to run and play in.


Students are encouraged to bring food that would have been available in 1898: locally grown fruits and vegetables, meat from farm animals or hunting and prepared at home.  Baskets, buckets and cloth tied to a stick were common ways to bring lunch to school.  Food was wrapped in cloth and did not require refrigeration or heating up.  Bloomfield school did not have a way to dispose of trash so students took it home at the end of the day.  Visitors are asked to do the same.

There will be a $5.00 fee for each student who attends.  An invoice for the number of students who attended school will be sent by email to the contact person for the visiting school.





Karen Allison                                                                              Wendy Turner, Library Director

Bloomfield Schoolhouse Coordinator                                    Pilot Point Community Library

[email protected]                                                      [email protected] 

940-391-1438                                                                              940-686-5004