Leak Adjustment Policy

Customers are responsible for a leak that occurs at any point where the meter connects to the customer's service line and beyond. For most customers, this is where the service line connects to the meter tail (a short piece of brass that is connected at the back nut on the meter.) The City recognizes that most leaks result in an unexpected increase in the customer's water bill and has a Leak Adjustment Policy in place that offer adjustments. The following procedures and guidelines are how the City determines if an adjustment will be given as well as the amount credited to the account:

  • Leak adjustments will only be given once in a 24 month period for water usage due to a loss of water through an *excusable defect in the customer's water line for a period of thirty (30) days, or one (1) billing period. An application for adjustment must be submitted within thirty (30) days of receipt of billing, along with receipt of repair. This could be from a plumber or receipt of the repair product. Shutting off the water does not qualify as a repair.
  • If the adjustment application is approved by the Utility Official, the bill will be adjusted. An "average" water usage will be based on the previous twelve (12) months of consumption. The amount of water that exceeds the applicant's average monthly consumption becomes the "excess" usage. If the applicant has not been a customer for twelve (12) months, the average monthly consumption will be determined by the Utility Official by using the electronic meter reading system to determine actual loss as described by the applicant during a specific time frame. 
  • The customer will be responsible for paying the "average" usage plus 20% of the "excess" usage for the period covered by the application. Any adjustment due to the customer will be credited to the customer's active account or refunded if the account had been ended prior to a final decision. 
  • No adjustment will be given for $25.00 or less.

*Excusable Defect: The term "excusable defect" shall mean a rupture of leakage in the customer's underground water line(s) from the meter to the foundation and/or under the foundation as may be caused by freezing weather, settlement, corrosion, wear or accident. The term does NOT apply to defective or out of repair faucets (inside or outside), internal wall plumbing, sprinkler systems, sprinkler heads, sprinkler lines, sprinkler solenoids, swimming pools, auto-fill pool equipment, toilets, toilet flappers or any outdoor fixture/accessory such as an outdoor kitchen.

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