How do I apply for Driver's Safety?

If you are charged with an eligible moving violation, you may request leave to take a Driver’s Safety Course for the dismissal of your citation. However, you will lose that right if you do not appear in person, or provide written notice to the Court on or before your appearance date (the date in the lower section of your citation). If your appearance date passes without an appearance by you, either in person or in writing, the fine amount on your citation may increase for failure to appear.

You are required to pay the required state costs in full at the time of your request. Do not take the driver safety course until you have received permission from the court.

When making your request in person or by mail you will need to:

  • Enter a plea of either no contest or guilty and waive your right to a jury trial or complete and return notarized Drivers Safety Application . The Clerk can provide you with the correct form to complete if you are making your request in person at the court window.
  • Provide a copy of your valid Texas Driver’s License; (Out of State license or Commercial License holders do not qualify)
  • Provide proof of financial responsibility; (Insurance must list you as a driver and be in effect at the time you make your request)
  • Pay the required state costs. (Contact 940-686-4707 for amount)

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