City Manager

Function of the City Manager

Council/Manager Form of Government

Pilot Point operates under a home rule, council manager form of government.  Under this type of local government, the day-to-day management of the city is directed by the city manager. The City Council appoints the City Manager, who serves as chief administrative officer by executing the laws and administering the government of the city, as directed by the City Council policies.  

City Manager - Alan Guard

Alan Guard has been working in local government since 1987.

Alan has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UT El Paso and a Master of Arts in Political Economy from UT Dallas.

He has worked for cities ranging in population from 8,900 to more than one million. Alan has worked in Texas, Iowa and Oklahoma most recently as the city manager of Chickasha, OK.

He has extensive experience in financial management and budgeting, as well as economic development, contract administration and information technology. Alan and his wife Molly have two grown children, Brenna and Kelsey.